Tax & Fee Information

Annual Fee Schedule

View the 2023 Annual Fee Schedule. The annual fee ordinance lists the fees for services provided in the Village. The annual fee ordinance is reviewed and approved by the Village Board on an annual basis.  

The Village Board adopted the 2024 Annual Fee Schedule at its November 20, 2023 meeting. The 2024 fee schedule will go into effect on January 1, 2024. 

Property Tax Levy

In general, the property tax you pay is related to the value of the property owned (whether it's residential or commercial). If you look at your property tax bill, you will see you pay different amounts to different taxing districts (including local school districts, the Village, Park District, and others).

The Village does not determine the tax for each property, instead, it sets a total property tax levy. The Village's 2023 levy is $4,867,757. Cook County then determines how much each property must be taxed in order to meet that levy.

Sales Tax

The sales tax you pay at the register in the Village is 9% - and it is actually made up of 3 separate taxes. These include:

  • State Retail Tax of 6.25% (of which 1% is distributed to the Village of Kenilworth).
  • Cook County Tax of 1.75%
  • RTA Tax of 1.00%

Check out the Illinois Department of Revenue website for more information.