Owners of Fire or Burglar Alarm Systems in Kenilworth
In accordance with Chapter 90 of the Kenilworth Municipal Code, an installation permit and fee of $50, or an annual renewal permit and fee of $25 is required for all alarm systems. Alarm permit application forms for both initial installations and annual renewals are available for all persons having an alarm system as described below.

Types of Alarms
  • Private Central Station Alarms - Alarms that cause a signal, when activated, in a private central location, resulting in the central station operator telephoning and advising the Police or Fire Departments of the alarm activation.
  • Local Alarms (Outside Ringers) - Alarms that sound audibly outside the premises of the subscriber and are not connected to any central location. (10 minute limit)
  • Automatic Telephone Dialing Systems (ATDS) -  An ATDS is any device that automatically selects a public telephone trunk line at the Police or Fire Departments and then reproduces a pre-recorded message to report an emergency. ATDS devices are prohibited.
False Alarm Fees
As outlined in the Kenilworth Municipal Code Chapter 90, for each false alarm responded to by the Kenilworth Police Department or Winnetka Fire Department the owner will be assessed a fee as follows:
False Alarm Fees Per Calendar Year
Police Department
Fire Department
1st False Alarm
No Charge
No Charge
2nd False Alarm
$20 $50
3rd False Alarm
$50 $65
4th False Alarm
$60 $75
Each False Alarm Beyond the 4th
$70 $100


Please complete the required alarm permit application form and return it along with the applicable permit fee, payable to the Village of Kenilworth, to the Kenilworth Police Department, located at:

419 Richmond Road
Kenilworth, IL 60043

Both the Annual Alarm Permit Renewal (PDF) and Initial Alarm Permit Application (PDF) forms can be filled out on-screen prior to printing.

As an added convenience, you can pay the alarm permit fee online by MasterCard, American Express, Discover or eCheck.