Dog License Requirements

An application for a dog license (PDF) may be obtained by in person at the Village Hall or online at the Kenilworth Village website. Applications may be submitted to the Village Hall during normal business hours. Please make all checks payable to the Village of Kenilworth.


All residents owning a dog within the Village of Kenilworth are required to register that dog with the Village Hall.


Sec. 91.020. License tag required; fee.

It shall be unlawful for any person to harbor or keep a dog within the limits of the village unless such person applies for and obtains a license on or before the first day of July in each year for each dog so harbored or kept, except for a dog less than four months old on that day, in which case a license shall be applied and obtained for such dog when it attains that age.

An "Owner" is defined as any person harboring or keeping a dog, and the occupant of any premises on which a dog remains or to which it customarily returns daily for a period of 10 days is presumed to be harboring or keeping a dog within the meaning of this article.