Brier, Maclean, Park Water Main Replacement

Project Area Map

Residents on or near the project area of Brier, Maclean, and Park are encouraged to subscribe to our text notifications system.  Project updates will be sent frequently and those interested can subscribe by texting "water_main" to 74121.   



Service line installation on Park Drive and Brier Street (Park - Melrose) is scheduled to begin next Wednesday, December 14th. During service line installation, residents will lose access to water for approximately 1-2 hours. The contractor will provide you with at least one day's notice of the work occurring, so you are prepared. 

Park Drive Closure

Beginning next Wednesday, December 14th, both the east and westbound lanes of Park Drive will be closed to through traffic from Ridge to Sterling roads, 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. Residents in the project area will continue to have access to their homes and driveways during the partial closure. The road will be fully reopened by Friday, December 23rd


On Tuesday, December 6th, crews will continue installing the new water main on Brier, north of Maclean, and will begin potholing on Maclean Avenue. Once completed, installation of the new water main will begin. 

The new water main on Park Drive is currently undergoing chlorination testing. Once the new line has passed testing, service line installations will begin on Park Drive and Brier Street from Park - Melrose.


Water main installation is to continue on Brier Street, north of Roger Avenue, and Maclean Avenue on Friday. Residents will maintain access to their driveways throughout the project unless specifically notified otherwise.


Work is to begin Wednesday, November 30th on Maclean Avenue and Brier Street, north of Roger Avenue. Street parking will be prohibited from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on weekdays where marked by no parking signs. 


Water main installation is to continue this week on Park Drive, and Brier Street from Park - Melrose. On Tuesday, Crews will also be working near Park Drive and Sterling Avenue to make a cross-connection with an existing water main in that area.

Water service line installation on Park Drive, and Brier Street from Park - Melrose is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of December 12th, pending pressure and chlorination testing on the new main.


Water service has been restored on Park Drive between Ridge and Sterling, after an unexpected water main break this morning. We apologize for the inconvenience the shutoff may have caused.


If you have elected to utilize the Village’s contractor, you may now apply for your permit, which should be submitted by Wednesday, November 23rd at the latest. In recognition of the additional expense, we are charging a reduced flat permit fee of $85. The only item required to be submitted is the permit application itself. The contractor has offered to accept payment in two equal installments. Payment can be made out directly to Joel Kennedy Constructing Corp. The first installment, either $2,250 or $2,500, is due by Wednesday, November 23rd, and can be dropped off at Village Hall when applying for the permit. The second installment is due at the time of installation and can be provided directly to the contractor. 

The contractor will be reaching out to you directly to schedule a walkthrough prior to the installation. Installation of service lines is currently scheduled to begin the first week of December. 

For any questions regarding the installation process, please contact Kelly with Joel Kennedy at 847-373-3571.

Project Background

The Northwest quadrant grouping of fire hydrants in the Village has a history of pressure and fire flow deficiencies. This is primarily due to the age of the water mains and decreased capacity from tuberculation, which increases resistance to the flow of water. In April 2018, the Village contracted with Stanley Consultants to complete a hydraulic model of the Village’s entire water system. They found that replacing the water main on Brier Street, Maclean Avenue, and Park Drive with a new 8” water main will improve the flow rate of water to fire hydrants. 

Water Service Lines

As part of the project, the Village's contractor, Joel Kennedy Constructing Corp. will be replacing the water service line from the new water main to the buffalo box (b-box). For those with an existing copper water service line, the Village will reconnect the new line to your existing one. For those with a lead service line, effective January 1, 2022, residents are now required to upgrade their service lines as amended in the State Civil Administrative Code HB3739.  

Are you unsure if your service line is lead? please take a photo of the line that leads into your home and connects to your water meter.  Send the photo to for a Public Works crew member to review.  If they are unable to determine the material or if you would like a crew member to have a look in person, let us know at or call Jordan Schmidt at 847-251-1666 ext. 5254 and we can schedule an appointment!

What are the next steps if you have a confirmed lead water service line?  

The Village’s contractor has offered to provide you with pricing to complete your private segment of the service line as part of the project. The contractor would invoice you directly at a cost of $4,500 for a 1” copper service line, or $5,000 for a 1 ½” copper service line. The price includes installing the new line from the b-box to the existing water meter, and concrete coring and patching. The price does not include any drywall, woodworking-trim, and/or flooring or carpet replacement. You would also be responsible for applying for and paying for the permit ($85). If you wish to use the Village’s contractor please let us know at or call Jordan Schmidt at 847-251-1666 ext. 5254.

Residents are not required to use the Village’s contractor and are welcome to obtain additional quotes. To help, we have contacted several plumbing contractors to obtain the following offers: 

ContractorContact InformationIncentive
American Vintage847-440-5642Free estimate and sewer televising, and access to televising video
Ernie's Underground847-815-8772Free estimate, and discount on group pricing
Eveready Flood Control773-533-4800Free sewer televising, and discounts on group pricing
Parks Plumbing847-581-6416Free estimate
RJ Plumbing Water Sewer, Inc847-630-0452Free estimate and consultation

Permit Application

After you have selected a plumber, please submit a building permit application with our Community Development Department. What's needed?  If you are utilizing the Village's contractor, the only item required to be submitted is the building permit application. If you are utilizing a different contractor, please also submit the items listed below:  

✔ Complete the Building Permit Application here
✔ Submit a copy of the plat of survey indicating where the work will take place
✔ Include one copy of the scope of work (typically provided by your contractor)
✔ One copy of plumber's license and registration from State of Illinois
✔ Letter of intent supplied by plumbing contractor (written on plumber stationery and include license holder's signature. If incorporated, include license holder's corporate seal)

Once received, the Permit Coordinator will review the application to ensure that all documents are in order and that the work meets code. Staff will call you if additional information is needed or if the permit is ready for pickup.  Payment can be remitted at the time of permit pickup. The Village Board authorized reducing the water service line application fee to a flat fee of $85.