Tree Management


The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all parkway trees between the sidewalk (or property line) and the curb (or edge of pavement). Maintenance includes inspecting and trimming trees, as well as the removal of dead or diseased trees. 

Parkway Tree Trimming

The Village performs an annual parkway tree trimming program where select street parkway trees are trimmed on a rotating basis. The annual trimming is typically performed in December or January. Trimming is also performed throughout the year are needed, to eliminate unsafe branches. 

Parkway tree trimming is performed for several reasons:

  • To eliminate low limb interference with pedestrians, buses, and trucks
  • To clear roadway signs and street lights of obstruction
  • To reduce the effects of wind and ice on branch stability
  • To maintain the natural shape of the tree
  • To remove hazardous deadwood
  • To repair storm-damaged limbs
  • To improve overall tree health by reducing the opportunity for disease and insect infestation. 

Annual Parkway Tree Planting Program

The Village's annual planting program takes aim at replacing trees that had been previously removed due to death or disease, as well as finding new locations for trees. Trees offer a variety of benefits, including absorbing stormwater, improving air quality, supporting local wildlife, as well as positively improving the appearance of the Village. If you have questions about planting a parkway tree, please contact Village staff at 847-251-1666 or email at


In 2021, the Village participated in the Heritage Tree Program, which commemorated the Village's 125th Anniversary by planting 125 Heritage Trees. Over the course of two years, the Village was able to achieve its goal of planting 125 trees, thanks in large part to the generous donations of so many. The Village hopes to carry the momentum forward from the Heritage Tree Program and continue on with its annual parkway tree planting program.