Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Adopted

On November 16th, the Village Board held the annual budget hearing and adopted the FY2021 budget for the Village.  The budget includes over $139,000 of expenditure reductions and a tax levy increase of 1.5%, which is lower than the 2.3% allowed.  A number of significant capital improvement projects are poised to be undertaken including:

  • Repainting of the Kenilworth Water tank (likely an early Fall project)
  • Resurfacing of Kenilworth Avenue, west of the Train Station to Sheridan Road and reducing the width of the Richmond Road at the crosswalks.  The project is 70% funded by a federal grant and will begin after the school year is finished.
  • Phase II of the KW2023 Green Streets program on Raleigh, Leicester, Warwick. This project is on the bubble for a 2021 start as several key pieces must fall into place in time.  A large and yet unknown component is being selected by the MWRD for $1.5M in project funding and the state for the Rebuild Illinois Program.  Additional resident outreach is also needed.  The Village Board will be meeting at a Committee of the Whole in early December to discuss the project further.

Interested in learning more? Here are some helpful links:

FY2021 Adopted Goals & Objectives
FY2021 Adopted Village Budget
FY2021 Memo & Proposed Village Budget

Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick Utility Relocation Work

Update: The Paver Display Has Relocated Onto Leicester

After extensive study and planning, the Village is close to finalizing the design for addressing flooding basements and roadways on Raleigh, Leicester and Warwick.  One of the most visible components of the Green Streets program is the road surface.  Our analysis points to porous pavers as being a significantly better option than porous asphalt.  A display area has been set up in the 220-Block of Leicester for residents to view the color options and L-shape design.  Please email us at to let us know your opinion, ask questions, or just chat. Hearing from you will help guide the decision the Village Board makes in the near future.

To view the communications on the paver display, please click here for the correspondence that was sent out to residents located within the project area.

November 25th- Update

Currently in progress:

ComEd: Cable pulling has completed on Leicester with a few areas left to pull on Raleigh. Work on cutovers for primary and secondary lines has begun on Leicester. Civil work to continue on Warwick.

Residents may notice several exposed pits which will remain open for cutovers.

Nicor: Conduit installation and boring on Oxford.

What to expect week of 11/30:

ComEd: Cable pulling on Raleigh will be completed.  Cutovers for primary and secondary lines will continue on both Raleigh and Leicester.

Civil work on Warwick will continue.  


Staff has been regularly following up with ComEd on outages.  We have been reassured that residents will be notified, in advance, on any outages that may occur. 

Nicor: Installation of conduit and boring to be completed on Oxford. Work will move onto Raleigh at the beginning of the week. Residents may notice exposed areas which will remain open for utility tie-ins.  


On August 25th, ComEd began utility relocate on Leicester Road and has since continued onto Raleigh Road on September 9th.  With tie-ins and boring complete on Leicester and Raleigh, work on Warwick began on October 27th.  

On November 18th, Nicor began utility relocate on Oxford.  Once completed, Nicor will continue onto Raleigh and Leicester.


Over the next few weeks, ComEd, Nicor, and Comcast will be conducting utility relocation work on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick.  While the goal is to have this work completed by mid-October, only ComEd has initiated their work thus far.  The work of each company will be done in continuous phases as they install new conduit, relocate their current lines to the new conduit, abandon the old lines and restore the landscaping and sidewalks.  Each utility will have a dedicated project manager who will be onsite daily and monitor the work.  Additionally, the Village will be making regular site visits to ensure that tree protection measures are followed and only permitted construction activity is occurring.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nikki Ang, Management Analyst with the Village at 847-251-1666, ext. 5251.  We appreciate your patience while this work is conducted and will provide updates as we hear from the remaining utility companies. Updates will also be provided in the Kenilworth Contact (Please Click Here to signup). 

Kenilworth Ave. Fountain to be Replaced 

As you walk or drive in town, you may have noticed the poor condition of the public fountain on Kenilworth Ave. The decades of wind, rain, and snow have taken their toll on the sandstone fountain.  Over the years, it has been patched so frequently, that it is hard to see any signs of the original surface.  We had hoped to replace the fountain with a near exact duplicate in advance of our 125 year anniversary next year, but the expense has been a tall hurdle.

Recently, a generous family recently approached the Village and offered to contribute $100,000 toward replacing the fountain with a recreation of the existing. The anonymous donation would cover the cost of a new fountain that will last for generations.  The Village sought pricing and selected Carved Stone Creations to create a near exact duplicate of our beloved fountain.  The replacement will be made from granite and have a substantially similar appearance to the original sandstone.  A sample of the stone is at the counter of Village Hall. Continue reading...  

Sign-up to Receive Smart911 Alerts Today

The Kenilworth Police Department wants to share with residents the opportunity to register for Smart911, which allows you to provide your first responders with key information in advance of an emergency call. Smart911 is a free opt-in service, and you can provide as much or as little information as you would like.The system has been updated to allow users to notify first responders of potential COVID positive persons in the household.  When anyone in your household dials 911 from a landline or cell phone connected to your safety profile, all the information is immediately displayed to the emergency dispatcher. Click Here to Learn More

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