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Changes to the Tree Preservation Ordinance

On June 21, 2021, the Village Board approved changes to the Tree Preservation Ordinance. The changes seek to create a net tree positive community through modifications in the tree removal permit process. Among these changes, any tree that is 8" diameter at breast height (DBH) or larger requires a tree permit to be removed. Previously, the permit process was triggered by a request to remove trees 10" DBH and larger. In addition, there is now a one-for-one tree replacement requirement for trees removed for good forestry practices. Residents have the option of paying a fee-in-lieu if they choose to forego replacing the removed tree. Please contact (847) 251-1666 with any questions.

Water Tank Recoat - August 26th Update

On Friday, August 27th, Roger Avenue will be closed to traffic near the water tank for a few hours if weather permits. This is necessary for the removal of some of the cellular antennas from the top of the water tank. We hope that you will not be inconvenienced too much by the short term work. 

Up until today, the wireless coverage in town has not changed as we prepare to repaint the water tank. Today, Sprint turned off the power to their antennas, but the service should have been automatically picked up by the T-Mobile antennas. The temporary tower on Roger and Green Bay has not been powered on yet. T-Mobile was placing antennas today and we hope that ComEd will bring electricity to the site very soon. 

The cellular providers will be powering up the temporary antennas before shutting down the water tank, so, you should not experience any change in cellular service. With the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, we now have the opportunity to allow Verizon to operate in the Village. If the negotiations are successful, those with Verizon service should see a dramatic improvement in signal strength later this year. 

If all of the cellular providers remove their equipment on time, we hope to start the repainting process for our water tank shortly after September 1st. To stay apprised of project developments, text "tank" to 833-243-8155.

Kenilworth Avenue Resurfacing Project - August 10th Update

The final layer of asphalt has been placed on east Kenilworth Avenue as well as Richmond Road (north of Kenilworth Avenue) and a portion of Cumnor Road. Crews will return to clean and restore the area along Kenilworth Avenue and areas where construction had taken place.  

While travelling along Kenilworth Avenue, you may notice various locations without sod.  Please note that sod will not arrive until late August/early September, per IDOT rules.  

We appreciate your patience while we complete the final stages of the project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nikki Ang at 847-251-1666 ext. 5251.  For regular updates on the Kenilworth Avenue Resurfacing Project, please text "road" to 833-243-8155.

Temporary Cellular Tower Construction

(July 23 Update) As part of the ongoing work for the temporary cellular tower, crews will be on Sterling Road today performing work in the public right-of-way. Please proceed with caution when traveling through the area.

(July 2 Update) In advance of the upcoming water tank rehabilitation work scheduled for later this summer, the cellular antennas on top of the tank need to be relocated. Beginning June 7, 2021, Fulton Technologies will begin construction of a temporary antenna site at Roger Avenue and Green Bay Road. Residents in the construction area have and will continue to be notified of any road closures resulting from the work. It is expected that it will take 2-3 weeks for the tower to be fully constructed. After that time, the cellular carriers will begin removing their equipment from the water tank.

2020 Kenilworth Water Quality Report 

The annual Water Quality Report is ready to view. Please Click here.

125th Anniversary: Heritage Tree Program125 heritage tree

This year marks the Village's 125th anniversary since its founding in 1896. To help commemorate the anniversary, the Village will be kicking off the Heritage Tree Program, 2021. Through the program, the Village, in partnership with residents, other civic organizations, garden clubs, schools, and churches, will aim to plant 125 trees across Kenilworth in public areas. Learn more about this celebratory program and how to donate here

Sign-up to Receive Smart911 Alerts Today

The Kenilworth Police Department wants to share with residents the opportunity to register for Smart911, which allows you to provide your first responders with key information in advance of an emergency call. Smart911 is a free opt-in service, and you can provide as much or as little information as you would like.The system has been updated to allow users to notify first responders of potential COVID positive persons in the household.  When anyone in your household dials 911 from a landline or cell phone connected to your safety profile, all the information is immediately displayed to the emergency dispatcher. Click Here to Learn More

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