Village Hall - Counters Closed 

Due to the dramatically increasing positivity rates, and high transmissibility of the Omicron variant, the Village Hall lobby will be CLOSED to walk-in traffic for the next few weeks. 

To continue providing services, the vestibule doors of Village Hall will remain open 24/7. A small table with IN/OUT baskets has been placed there for you to drop off items for us. While we may only have one person in Village Hall during the day, we will be answering phones, checking voicemail, and regularly checking the vestibule for your business items. Access to the police help kiosk will remain available outside of normal business hours, 5:00pm to 8:00am, for night and weekend assistance as needed. 

We hope this will only need to continue for a few weeks. The Village encourages you to get vaccinated, wear your mask, and wash your hands. We will ask you to please take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors. We have a great community and caring for one another is part of what makes us special. 

Budget - December 29th Update

At the December 13th Village Board Meeting, the Village Board unanimously approved the FY 2022 Budget. To learn more about the budget, visit our webpage by clicking here. 

Water Tank Recoat - November 5th Update

The tank has been refilled, and restoration of the park has begun as the water tower project nears completion. A reminder to please stay off the open area as we attempt to grow new grass. A big thank you to the adjacent neighbors who have been accommodating throughout this project. An important piece of our water network has now been revitalized!

What's next? We are currently working with AT&T and T-Mobile on a timeline that would detail the return of equipment back to the water tank and removal of the temporary monopole.

Temporary Cell Tower

The temporary tower on Roger and Green Bay is now fully operational. If you are experiencing any disruptions in your service, please contact your provider to alert them to the issue.

Once the water tower rehabilitation is complete, the antennas will return to the water tower. With the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, we now have the opportunity to allow Verizon to operate in the Village. If the negotiations are successful, those with Verizon service should see a dramatic improvement in signal strength later this year. 

2020 Kenilworth Water Quality Report 

The annual Water Quality Report is ready to view. Please Click here.

125th Anniversary: Heritage Tree Program125 heritage tree

This year marks the Village's 125th anniversary since its founding in 1896. To help commemorate the anniversary, the Village will be kicking off the Heritage Tree Program, 2021. Through the program, the Village, in partnership with residents, other civic organizations, garden clubs, schools, and churches, will aim to plant 125 trees across Kenilworth in public areas. Learn more about this celebratory program and how to donate here

Sign-up to Receive Smart911 Alerts Today

The Kenilworth Police Department wants to share with residents the opportunity to register for Smart911, which allows you to provide your first responders with key information in advance of an emergency call. Smart911 is a free opt-in service, and you can provide as much or as little information as you would like.The system has been updated to allow users to notify first responders of potential COVID positive persons in the household.  When anyone in your household dials 911 from a landline or cell phone connected to your safety profile, all the information is immediately displayed to the emergency dispatcher. Click Here to Learn More

Village News and Alerts

Want to stay up to date on Village News and receive alerts? Please select the following links to sign-up for the Kenilworth Contact and the Police Department’s News Alerts.

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