What are estimated savings for Kenilworth?

Approximately $100,000 in annual operational savings.

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1. Will Kenilworth Police Officers still repond to my home and patrol our streets 24-hours per day after dispatch services are consolidated?
2. If I call, will the consolidated dispatching center slow down the response rates for police and fire?
3. Who will answer the 24-7 non-emergency phone calls to the existing Kenilworth Dispatch Center (847-251-2141)?
4. Who will assist me at the Police front counter outside the business hours of Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.?
5. Would the front door to the Village Hall be locked when the television monitor service is operating? If so, what if I feel threatened and would like to enter the building?
6. How will the Fire Department dispatching be affected by consolidation?
7. What will happen to the personnel currently employed in our dispatch center?
8. How many employees will be hired for Consolidated Dispatching? Who will interview them and make the decision on who will be employed?
9. What are estimated savings for Kenilworth?
10. Who will perform the ancillary duties currently handled by dispatching personnel, at what cost and when?
11. What will Kenilworth spend on new equipment and annual operating expenses for the consolidated dispatch facility?
12. How will the dispatchers know our community if they do not work here?
13. Are there advantages to Consolidating Dispatch other than saving money?
14. Where can I learn more about the Consolidated 911/Dispatch Feasibility Study?