The Kenilworth 2023 Improvement Plan

Green Streets Phase II on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick Has Begun!

Residents on or near the project area of Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick are encouraged to subscribe to our text notifications system.  Project updates will be sent daily and those interested can subscribe by texting "green" to 74121.  

To view the "What to Expect" correspondence that was distributed on April 22nd, please click here. The recent tentative Project Schedule Matrix as of May 18th can be viewed here.

Project Updates

Week of June 27th - Storm sewer on Raleigh and water service lines on Leicester.
Week of June 20th - Storm sewer continues west towards Warwick with an anticipated road closure at Woodstock/Warwick scheduled for June 21st-23d. Service line installations begin on Leicester.
June 20th - Raleigh water main abandonment. Temp water shut of for those connected to main on 200-block Raleigh and 100-block Oxford. Intersection of Raleigh/Oxford closed. 
Week of June 13th - Water main continues on Leicester and contractor will begin installing services towards the end of the week.  Residents with lead service lines will be informed when their plumber can work on their portion of the line.
June 10th - Closure at the intersection begins for storm sewer install first followed by the water main install.
June 2nd - Contractor will begin removing brick driveway aprons on Raleigh to prepare for water service lines on the west side of Raleigh.
Week of May 31st - Storm sewer continues on Woodstock from Raleigh to Leicester. Work on water main continues on Leicester. Contractor will install water service lines from water main to buffalo box starting with the east side of Raleigh.
May 27th - Digging of water service pits on Raleigh
May 21st - Open cut excavation for watermain on Raleigh across Woodstock. 
May 20th - Installation of watermain on Leicester.
May 19th - Boring of watermain on Leicester.
May 18th - Pits on Leicester to complete as well as water main pull on Raleigh. Storm sewer installation begins east of Woodstock from Sheridan to Raleigh.
May 17th - Manhole structure installed at Sheridan/Woodstock intersection.
May 16th - Watermain installation continues on Raleigh along with manhole installation at Sheridan. Public Works has notified residents along 200-block Sheridan of temp water shutoff.
May 14th - Street sweeper on Woodstock.  Backfilling east side of Sheridan at Woodstock and preparation of the west side of Sheridan for the installation of manhole structure.
May 9th - Construction at Sheridan and Woodstock for MWRD interceptor connection begins. Watch for new traffic pattern on Sheridan. On hydrovac utilities continue on Raleigh and directional drilling of the watermain begins. Root pruning also starts for Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick.
May 5th - Abandoned gas line collapsed during construction work.  Fire Department and Nicor called in and confirmed the smell of gas was residual from the abandoned pipe.
May 4th - Woodstock at Sheridan CLOSED for structure installation. For the safety of motorists and workers, Woodstock at Sheridan will be closed during the day and will reopen after construction hours of 6:00 PM.  The intermittent work is expected to take 1-2 days depending on the weather.
May 2nd - Crews will dig pits for the water main on Raleigh and saw cut on Sheridan. Weather dependent, directional drilling will continue throughout the week on Raleigh. Work on Sheridan/Woodstock rescheduled to begin 05/09. View the Press Release for Sheridan/Woodstock activity here.
April 27th - Saw cutting begins on Woodstock and continues throughout the week for the storm sewer 
April 22nd - Construction preparation begins April 25th
April 18th - Construction Management Services awarded to Ciorba of Chicago, IL
March 29th - Construction contract awarded to Copenhaver of Gilberts, IL

Residents of Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick

If you are a resident of the Green Streets Phase II Project Area, please be on the lookout for correspondences from the Village as there may be important information that is in need of your attention.  If you haven't received any mailings from the Village, please see the topics below and the correspondences that had been sent to residents.  To view the latest flyer/tentative schedule that was distributed on April 22nd, please click here!

Water Service Lines

Since the water main on Warwick had been upgraded in recent years, the installation of the new water main will take place on Raleigh and Leicester roads.  If you have a lead water service line and had not received Village correspondences, please click on the latest mailings below.  Effective January 1, 2022, residents with a lead water service line are now required to upgrade their service lines as amended in the State Civil Administrative Code HB3739.  Homeowners with a copper service line are not required to replace their service line.

Do you have a lead or unknown water service line?  Raleigh and Leicester residents click here.  If you are a resident on Warwick, please click here.  If you are unsure if your service line is lead, please take a photo of the line that leads into your home and connects to your water meter.  Send the photo to for a Public Works crew member to review.  If they are unable to determine the material or if you would like a crew member to have a look in person, let us know at or call Nikki Ang at 847-251-1666 ext. 5251 and we can schedule an appointment!

What are the next steps if you have a confirmed lead water service line?  Check out what our local contractors are offering!



F.J. Kerrigan Plumbing

Free estimate and consultation

American Vintage

Free estimate and consultation

Parks Plumbing

Free estimate and $100 off final bill

Ernie’s Underground

Free estimate and 10% off final bill

Eveready Flood Control
Free estimate and televising
Pasquesi Plumbing

RJ Plumbing Water Sewer, Inc.

Free estimate and consultation

Residents are more than welcome to hire their own plumber outside of the list provided above.  After you have selected a plumber, submit a building permit application with our Community Development Department.  What's needed?  

Permit Application Checklist
✔ Complete the Building Permit Application here
✔ Review general information here
✔ Submit three copies of the plat of survey indicating where the work will take place
✔ Include one copy of the scope of work (typically provided by your contractor)
✔ One copy of plumber's license
✔ One copy of the plumbing contractor's registration from the State of Illinois
✔ Letter of intent supplied by plumbing contractor (written on plumber stationery and include license holder's signature. If incorporated, include license holder's corporate seal)
✔ Drop off the application packet at Village Hall, 419 Richmond Road, Kenilworth, IL during the business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM. 

Once received, the Permit Coordinator will review the application to ensure that all documents are in order and that the work meets code.  Staff will call you if additional information is needed or if the permit is ready for pickup.  Payment can be remitted at the time of permit pickup.  

At the February 15th, 2022 Village Board Meeting, the Trustees approved to temporarily reduce the water service line application fees to a flat fee of $85.  This flat fee will only be offered to the residents in the 2022 Green Streets Project area until December 31, 2022.

Sanitary Sewer Service Lines

A new storm sewer system is planned for the project area which presents an opportunity for homeowners to repair or clean their sanitary sewer lines.  Last year, utility contractors televised the area and identified several homeowners with service lines in need of attention.  Please click here to view the correspondence sent to homeowners suspected of having a cracked, damaged, or blocked line.  Residents with blocked lines in need of cleaning received a separate correspondence which can be found here.  If you had not received a mailing and are unsure of the condition of your sewer line, please contact Nikki Ang at or call at 847-251-1666 ext. 5251.

The procedure to submit a permit application is similar to the water service line replacement.  Please see the checklist above and as with the water service line applications, the Village Board of Trustees approved to temporarily reduce the sanitary sewer line application fees to a flat fee of $85.  This flat fee will only be offered to the residents in the 2022 Green Streets Project area until December 31, 2022. 

Sprinkler Systems

Mailings were sent to residents with known sprinkler systems.  If you have an irrigation system and had not received a mailing, please click here for information on how construction can affect your system.

Permeable Pavers

After extensive study and planning, the Village is close to finalizing a design that will address flooding in basements and roadways on Raleigh, Leicester and Warwick.  In addition to under-road detention and a separate storm sewer, one of the most visible components of the Green Streets program is the road surface.  Our analysis points to porous pavers as being a significantly better option than porous asphalt.  

What are permeable pavers?  Click the picture below for a demonstration video!

PaverDemo Opens in new window

In October 2020, the Village had sent communications to residents located in the project area.  Please click here to view the correspondence that was sent to residents on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick. The permeable paver was displayed as follows:
CaptureWant to see them installed? Click here for a list of locations around the area!

Phase II: Updated Plan Set 03/18/2022

To view the latest revision of March 18, 2022, please click here.

Background of the Kenilworth 2023 Infrastructure Improvement Project and the Green Streets Initiative

The Village has a long history of sanitary sewer surcharge and overland flooding.  After the significant rain event in 2008 which left residents with pools of water in basements and streets, the Village Board of Trustees sought to alleviate the flooding problems plaguing the village.  Engineering studies followed and identified that the combined sewer system increased sewer surcharging.  After residents voted to issue bonds, the Kenilworth 2023 Infrastructure Improvement Program was established.  In 2017, the first phase of Green Streets was completed on Cumberland, Roslyn, and Melrose.  The project included the installations of porous asphalt, porous parkways, and under-road detention.  The design of Phase I successfully provides flooding relief, and is underway for Phase II on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick. 

To learn more about Green Streets, please read our latest brochure found here.  For any questions or for additional information, please refer to the information below or feel free to call Village Hall at 847-251-1666.

Related Discussions

The Village Board, Committee of the Whole (the Village Board meeting as a planning group), and Public Works Committee will have several meetings to discuss the status of the proposed KW2023 Green Streets project on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick.  

If you had missed the meetings or would like to revisit them, please find access to the links below.

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